Intel Creator PC Unleash Your Talent

The market of PC for creations is very fragmented, many brands have an indistinct standard set up for creators, but the awareness is not strong enough. Creators had little knowledge reading the tech specs and defining the right products for them and how they can choose a PC for their creation. Many of them prefer to choose Gaming PC for creation because of the high performance awareness of this category, but they have to compromise for some other functions, like the accuracy of colors and the professional acceleration of 3D render performance. How can we create a clear and strong awareness of PC Standard for creators and make them benefited by the optimization for professional functions?

Insight & Solution
Every creator has pain points that only their community would understand. Why does a computer take a long time just to process one picture or render a video. They might lose their creative idea while waiting.
Furthermore, creators have the needs of adapting technology tools and looking for a connection seamlessly.
Although the creators were given massive product range, they had very little clue of how to choose. Therefore, the need of a symbolic icon made just for creators was appealing. We decided to launch a category brand which unite all 20+ major OEM brands together to give all the related products a clear industrial standard, a common category name Intel Creator PC, and a common symbol, which can be placed in product packaging and sales channels which will be recognized and immediately connected with creators.

After doing market research along with digging the consumer insight to better communicate in their language, the first thing we did was to create an iconic symbol that’s exclusive and visually recognizable, followed by a campaign theme, Unleash your talent and then we created a brand commercial to tell the story that how the Intel Creator PC can boost the performance of different designers’ tools and help to turn their ideas into realization faster.
We invited 4 famous designers covered in 3 categories to shoot each case video separately. Not only tell their stories in creation but also problems they face and solutions they anticipate. A handy product bring convenience to their life and make more time and freedom.
With the support of TMALL and JD, a Super Brand Day held on Aug.2nd at China Joy.
We also successfully held a Launch Event invited Intel Partners, OEMs, industry KOLs and media. The Product Display Area was crowded with people trying to experience the most advanced product and technology.
This integrated campaign build up awareness for Creator PC New Category and established a standard for creators who now have better options to ignite their inspiration in order to unleash their talent.