Protect with Love,Prevent with AI

Breast cancer,one of the most common malignant tumors in China. If checked
early, more than 90% of breast cancer patients will not be in danger.However, due to the lack of awareness and conditions of early screening, many breast cancer patients missed the best treatment time. Can we use technology to facilitate early checking of breast diseases?And arouse more people's awareness of breast health?

Intel joined hands with Pink Ribbon Movement, during the activity, the theme “Protect with Love,Prevent with AI” was put forward by taking advantage of the current technological hotspots of artificial intelligence,and renewed women’s attention to breast health. Intel cooperated with medical imaging company HY Technologies to develop breast cancer AI medical imaging technology for this public welfare activity, to improve the chances of early detection of breast cancer, to help more women discover diseases in time, and to help doctors complete the diagnosis more efficiently and accurately. In the near future, Intel AI medical imaging screening technology will be officially used in the screening and diagnosis of breast cancer and other diseases.

In the early stage of the compaign, we visited a breast cancer patient, dug up her real experience, diagnosed with breast cancer when she was pregnant, adapted the touching story of her struggle with the disease into a micro film, and released widely on the online platform as the preheating communication content.At the same time, we have interviews with various technical experts, shot a behind-the-scenes video, and expounded the background of the project. Application and the technical principle of artificial intelligence to assist breast cancer screening and treatment.
We also invited a number of industry guests to participate in the Pink Ribbon Technology Themed Salon, and released Intel’s AI medical solutions for breast cancer screening.We cooperate with some artists to create interactive installations for artistic experience to attract media and the public attention.
What's more, at the 2018 Pink lighting ceremony,for the first time,Intel’s iconic blue logo became pink to represent the support of pink ribbon movement. This is an attempt that Intel has never had since its inception, reflecting Intel’s commitment to this charity event. This co-branding campaign with Pink Ribbon has received the attention and support of many media, industry and the general public, further enhancing Intel’s brand image in the field of articial intelligene.