Intel Preserves A Legacy

Great Wall is one of the greatest cultural heritages in the world. For centuries, due to natural erosion and man-made damages, the preservation situation is very worrying.Can we use advanced AI technology to help repair the Great Wall? And Improve Intel's brand image in the field of artificial intelligence?

Firstly, through the Intel Falcon 8+ mapping drone, we captured tens of thousands of high-resolution images of Jiankou Great Wall and generated 3D digital models of millimeter precision.
After that, through the artificial intelligence algorithm and Intel Xeon platform, we carry out deep learning on the 3D digital model.
At the same time, use 3D digital virtual reconstruction technology to restore the original appearance of the Great Wall, help repair and digitize the legacy of the Great Wall.

We took the process and technical details of AI to help repair the Great Wall into a documentary ,invited leaders of the cultural security foundation, experts and artificial intelligence experts from Intel to participate in the shooting, comprehensively described the process of this technology solution from a professional perspective. and released the whole event to the public. This enabled Intel AI technology to demonstrate its role in the field of cultural heritage protection and received a lot of media and public attention.
Meanwhile, we created a HTML5 media interaction, which tells a humorous story of First Emperor of Qin calling on his ministers to solve the difficulties in the repair of the Great Wall. Finally, the users solved the problem through the method of Intel artificial intelligence. we bring more young people closer to the traditional culture and make them realize the significance of technology for cultural heritage protection.