Tencent Sports
All the games in Emperor’s hand 2018 Tencent Sports Opening Season Kick-off Campaign

Tencent Sports is just going to launch the opening season for a series of world-class sports games IP. How to use this opening season as an opportunity to pull users' attention and user stickiness to Tencent Sports Channel, and improve the Tencent Sports Brand Cognitive and emotional connections?

We transform the athletes across many disciplines of sports as ancient Roman gladiators, competing in the Colosseum, using this scene to compare the various sports games. The Tencent user is the emperor sitting at the throne of the arena holding the mobile phone, and shows the unique, exclusive and enjoyable viewing experience of Tencent sports members in the attitude of the emperor. The use’s girlfriend changes her focus from watching the drama to watch the sports games through the story, the expression of pan-sports enthusiasts also transformed into Tencent sports viewers. The whole idea combines cross-section, couple contradictions, Qing Dynasty Drama and the ancient Roman gladiator elements all together with connections of Tencent Sports IP rights. This multi-faceted communication campaign, reaching different group of people, successfully attracting users' attention and awakening people's love for sports. The Campaign spread through online video, mobile app opening screen and WeChat friends moments advertising, andReceived more than 10.2 Million Exposures within a week and got 22% increase of Baidu Search Index.